We've all attended too many weddings, especially the cheezy, rote ones that are as generic as the couple's registry at Pottery Barn. But there are those weekends where family and friends congeal like bacon fat and it properly seasons the entire event. Last month, I drove 400 miles to watch my cancer-hating buddy Rob marry the loveof his life. Every guest was treated like family and the weekend's success reflected that. In hindsight, I went to a blockbuster wedding last summer on the top of a Colorado mountain that felt more like a production of the Emmys than a wedding, complete with a fellow guest wildly alleging that the bride's parents spent $50,000 on lighting alone. It's safe to say the weekend's only intimacy was between the bride and groom.

I'm in Spokane (Washington) this weekend to officiate the wedding of my dear friend Kaitlin and her beau Skylar. We've scripted a wedding ceremony that's as quirky and complex as the bride and groom are and that features great stories from their friends. It is a delight to participate in their wedding day and to have the honor of first welcoming their hundred odd guests.

That's just one way to make a wedding authentic. What was your favorite wedding? Leave a comment.

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