I've been in Maine for a few days this week with my parents and I've decided that the lobster is the most incredibly marketed meal in America. You can trace your lobster from the fisherman's specific fishing grounds to his dock, and from his dock to your favorite fish market or restaurant. The Maine lobster has as much terroir as the finest Bordeaux, but with the story of an individual fisherman and the family. There are litterally thousands of stories to be told about the lobster that are eaten in Maine and elswhere. As an example, Luke's Lobster is sourcing all of its lobsters from one Maine fishing village. Check it out here: http://www.mpbn.net/post/new-partnership-benefits-lobsterman-restaurateur-cutting-out-middleman#stream

What stories are you telling about your business, practice, or organization? Are you making the most of the opportunities to share what makes your business tick and what makes you different from your competition?

Most of us are not. I'm working on my story this week. Holler if you want to talk about yours.