What happened to Making partner?

You got your JD or MBA to jump start your career. But the road to partnership is rockier than ever. Junior lawyers and consultants now need to develop business in addition to hitting their hourly goals. Financial advisors face stiff competition from their colleagues and the likes of ETrade.com. The internet has made everyone with a boat a guide or charter captain.

How do you succeed?

Success comes from doing new business. One of my first mentors said famously, "If you're not doing new business, you're going out of business and you don't even know it." How many professionals do you know that are slowly going out of business?

I help professionals do new business. We identify, approach, and close new clients for your practice. I believe in 21st Century marketing strategies, tried and true sales tactics, and taking advantage of the mobile devices to which we are all leashed.  

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What's The Plan?

We'll meet to learn more about your practice and its business development goals. We identify niches in which you might work and resources in your existing network that can help you get your practice to where you want it to be.  We'll collaborate to develop a plan that markets your expertise to appropriate prospects and that identifies and creates new business opportunities for you. In addition to your plan, we'll improve your practice's "elevator pitch" and revise your web bio and LinkedIn profile. When needed, we'll work with your mentor or identify and approach a new one.

For some professionals, we'll take it a step forward by starting a blog, creating an email newsletter, or making improvements to your personal, practice, or firm website.

Whether you want to make partner, make a professional move, or just make more money, let's get together to talk about your business  development goals this year and beyond.

To learn more: Call or Text CJ at 484.437.8409 or email me CJ@CJWalshMarketing.com