Years ago, I read somewhere that every guy needs three specific craftsmen in his life.

When I have a lady friend, I turn to Trendz's Amy Hardy as Santa CJ's number one helper. She always has the perfect shiny bauble for the lucky lady in my life, she probably has my Amex on file, and she'll readily ship it from Stone Harbor to wherever I need it. When the day comes to buy a more significant ring, I know that she'll send me to the right diamond broker. 

For twenty years, Peter Marziano at Hassis Men's Shop has been my haberdasher, whether through a steady stream of bowties, at least a half dozen perfectly tailored suits, or a rack of my favorite sportcoats. As my waistline and checkbook expand and contract, Pete and his tailor's chalk keep my threads fitting like a glove. In fact, my tuxedo's in his shop for alterations in anticipation of a black tie wedding next weekend. Who's that dapper redhead drinking water? Oh yeah, that's me.

Finally, the Walsh family trusts its cars to Joe Giovanetti and his team at Qyst Tire and Automotive Center. A short Uber ride from Center City, Joe and his team in Upper Darby treat our Volvos like their own, ask great questions, and always consider the investment when proposing a replacement part or a solution. Most of all, they stand behind their work and don't give you your vehicle back until they are satisfied that it's fixed. Given the hundreds of miles that we cumatively drive each week, it's great having them on our team.

So who is on your team? More importantly, whose team are you on this year? Let's talk about making your practice indispensable to more clients next year.