Many Americans consider the day after Christmas as a day for the couch, the mall, or a walk in the park. However, in England, today is Boxing Day, a day during which Englishmen watch soccer for eight hours. On Boxing Day, English churches traditionally open the boxes in which parishioners made donations (alms) all year to support the less fortunate. 

How awesome is an entire day dedicated to those who need our help? We spend an entire season researching, acquiring, and wrapping the perfect gifts for family and friends. So why can't we spend just one day after Christmas supporting those less fortunate than we are?

If you see things the way that I do, would you consider a donation supporting the work of Bethesda Project, a leading homeless-support organization that serves more than 2,500 homeless Philadelphians each year? Your contribution will make an immediate impact of the lives of homeless men and women who come to Bethesda for shelter, food, and protection yearround.

Thanks for your generosity! Make your donation here: