I'm grateful that I'm finally over the flu which I contracted while working the polls on Election Day. 

I'm grateful for a lifelong friend who voted for the first time ever this year.

I'm grateful that Team I Hate Cancer can celebrate Thanksgiving with its newest survivor this year.

I'm grateful that, with your support, we'll soon provide mental health services to Philadelphia-area families facing a cancer diagnosis through our partnership with the Flatwater Foundation.

I'm grateful to help Bethesda Project with its support of Philadelphia's homeless and abandoned poor. They were kind enough to allow me to moderate a great panel on homelesness in front of a full room last week.

I'm grateful to Tony Brown and to Dean Vetsikas for introducing me to the incredible 160 students at the Curtis Institute of Music. I would love for you to join me for one of more than 100 free concerts just off Rittenhouse Square featuring the world's finest classical musicians.

I'm grateful that all the money that I've spent on fishing tackle and camoflauge results in so many incredible experiences with family and friends.

I'm grateful for three quirky physicians who always are thinking for and about me, and for the physicians and friends who introduced me to them! 

I'm grateful to so many who share so much with me, even when it really is "too much."

Finally, I'm grateful to all of the family and friends who continue to support me on  this incredible journey. It's because of you that I'm lucky enough to be grateful for so much.

May this weekend bring much gratitude to you and yours!