Many of you know that I have a regular fishing column in the Seven Mile Times and Sea Isle Times, free magazines distributed in Avalon, Stone Harbor and Sea Isle City, New Jersey. Six times a year, I share fishing tips and advice with my readers in 1,200 word doses. Over Labor Day Weekend, I was hanging out at the bait shop where I worked for ten summers, kicking tires and telling stories, when an older gentleman came in looking for CJ Walsh. I’m not sure whether he was more surprised that he found me or whether I was more surprised that someone was looking for me. Regardless, he had just read my latest article on striped bass fishing and wanted me to show him the way to piscatorial success. We’ve already made plans to fish together.

What does this have to do with your business? If you wrote semi-regularly on topics about which your clients would be or are concerned, they would probably come looking for you, as well. Divorce attorneys can write about pre-nuptial agreements, deal lawyers can write about better due diligence, and litigators always have great ideas on litigation avoidance. In fact, I was speaking with an attorney earlier this summer who wants to advise new breweries on a variety of issues. I can’t think of a better place to blog than for tech-friendly beer geeks who need advice opening the business of their dreams. I bet your practice has topics, issues, and ideas about which you could write. Let’s have a cup of coffee to talk about how blogging can grow your practice this fall.