1. Tighten Up Your Online Biography

September’s a great time to spruce up your online biography. Does it tell the stories of the three biggest cases and/or deals on which you’ve worked? Does it share the unique skill(s) that you brought to those matters? Does your headshot still look like you?


2. Commit to a monthly newsletter, alert, or update

A monthly correspondence, whether a newsletter, alert, or update, is a great way to keep in front of prospective and existing clients. Briefly review a few recent cases from the viewpoint of the industry, not the lawyer. Share your thoughts on the recent mega-deal in your industry.  Offer your ideas for best practices on a hot issue. Whatever you do, you’re helping prospective clients see how smart you are and why they should hire you.


3. Use social media to reconnect with former classmates, colleagues, and friends

It seems like everyone posted photographs from their summer vacations on Facebook this summer. Why not reach out to a long-lost classmate or colleague via the Messenger function on Facebook or LinkedIn. Sending a direct message is like sending an email within the application, and the Facebook messenger application is used by plenty of businesses for intra-office communication. It’s a friendly, albeit less professional way to extend an electronic greeting to someone.


Back to School isn’t just for kids. September’s a great time to reconnect and improve your business development game in the second half of this year. Worried or confused? I’d be more than happy to talk you through any or all of these topics. Call me at 484.437.8409 for your pep talk.