I spent last Sunday in an enormous marina in Charleston, South Carolina. In a 56 foot fishing boat, we had left Stuart, Florida early on Saturday morning, took on fuel in Saint Augustine before dark, and ran 225 more miles overnight, steaming past Fort Sumter at dawn. Stew, our captain and my friend, had lost a filling to a peanut M&M the previous afternoon and we came to the Lowcountry seeking an emergency dentist to ease his discomfort. Of all of the dentists in Charleston, there was only one that was open on Sunday. His office opened at noon, didn't take appointments, and was almost 30 miles away. Driving a rental car, Stew arrived at 11:45 AM and was 5th in line. Had he arrived at noon, he would have been 19th in line with a seemingly endless wait and a throbbing tooth. $56 and an X-ray later, Stew walked out with a tooth that will last until his New Jersey dentist can install a crown.

Who goes to the dentist on Sunday? People with dental emergencies who are less price sensitive than the average patient who wants her dental insurance to cover her cleaning.

Is there a portion of your practice where you can perform emergency work for clients who are less than price sensitive? Are you writing to clients about DUIs on holiday weekends? Are you writing about real estate issues during the spring residential buying season? Are you talking about data security issues every time there's a big name breach?

Why not? You can be the only dentist open on Sunday.