I stopped by the deli and bait shop where I worked for 10 summers to get a cup of coffee. On the way out, I made the mistake of complimenting a fellow talkative customer on the custom fishing rod he had just completed. He launched into an explanation of his angling proficiency, described all of the YUGE fish he had caught, and bemoaned the fact that no one took him fishing. But he immediately asked me to take him fishing.

Can you imagine why I told him "No" immediately?  

Had he mentioned that he would bring lunch, that he would pay for gas, or maybe just that he was good company, I might have considered it. But I didn't. Here's why:

He was selling how great he was, rather than selling how great spending a day with him could be. As a sales guy, I learned early on that you're not selling a product or service, but rather a relationship between you and your client that solves her particular problem. 

When you're speaking with a client or prospect, remember that you're not selling yourself, but that you're selling a bilateral relationship between you and your client that will make your client's life easier and your checkbook deeper.

Remember that and I'll take you fishing any day.