My neighbors keep telling me how clean the Walsh family boat is. It's the best compliment that I've received at the Shore this summer, as it reflects on me personally and the work that I've invested in the vessel's upkeep. The tidy appearance of the "Chuckwagon" has introduced me to well-heeled neighbors in need of boating and fishing assistance.

Similarly, when I started working at the Big Law Firm, the HR lady told me that the dress code was business casual. For a couple of weeks, I looked like everyone else ... until I started wearing a suit and a bowtie. Suddenly, similarly dressed senior partners acknowledged me in the elevator and the lunchline, assuming that I was an attorney instead of the help.  Only when I had been promoted months later did I reveal the truth and, by then, the relationships had been forged.

Your online presence is no different, in terms of creating a potential client's view of your practice, whether your Facebook or LinkedIn profile or your firm's web biography. That's why it's a mission critical component of this year's Business Development Summer Camp. To learn more how you can improve your online presence, check out