The outpouring of support that y'all sent my way last Friday was overwhelming. In addition to 200+ likes and 30+ comments, I heard from a quiet minority of friends who have found or are looking for their road to sobriety. One's been clean for the hardest month possible. Another's lonely in a halfway house far from family and friends. The last one's coping with a loved one's terminal illness and looking for answers. But what they all had in common was their strength to reach out, which is the most difficult message to send.  

What do you do when receive one of these messages? LISTEN. Hear what your friend is say and see where they are going. Be a RESOURCE. You may not know the answers, but you'll go see a doctor, counselor, or specialist with them. 

Just this month, I've heard about three young professionals from great families who lost their battle with substance abuse. How can we be better friends for those in need?