It's a big week for #socialmedia at CJ Walsh Marketing. I revealed 4 Social Media Concerns for Lawyers. The Pennsylvania Bar Association shared 10 Ethical Obligations for Attorneys Using Social Media. It's no secret that more prospects research you on social media than visit your website. If you disagree, look at your website analytics. You can ask me for mine, too. You should really have a blog (like this one), but let's start with the basics.

1. Your clients have a social media presence, whether for their businesses or just personally.  Not only should you also have a social media presence, but you should "follow," "friend" and "connect with" your entire network. That means a complete LinkedIn profile and a Facebook page, even if only a personal page. I would add using Twitter for anyone who consider themselves a news or sports junky.

2. You should use social media tool to research opposing counsel, adverse parties, witnesses, and jurors. They have Facebook, tweet regularly and post embarrassing photos on Instagram. Don't be afraid to use what you find in briefs and in oral arguments. Opposing counsel definitely is looking you up right now.

3. Include testimonials in your online presence. Did you receive a glowing email from a client following a case or deal? Ask her to post some of the language as a Recommendation on LinkedIn. You'll look great when your next prospect looks you up.

4. Use social media to keep in touch with other attorneys. Whether you "like" photos of their kids on Facebook or "endorse" their specific skills on LinkedIn, social media's a great way to keep in touch with fellow attorneys who might refer work to you.

Failure to maintain a basic social media presence will make you look behind-the-times and potentially unsuitable to handle matters involving digital documents. No lawyer wants to be embarrassed or to appear weak. Let's talk soon about how you can use social media to keep in touch with your clients, referral sources and prospects. You can like "CJ Walsh Marketing" on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter @cjwalshiii.