As part of my practice, I take on a lot of writing projects. Recently, I've been working with local and regional law firms to create interesting blogs, to improve their website content, and to revise their brochures. Inevitably, someone asks me "What's your rate?" It's one of my least favorite questions.

Now fired up, I typically them ask what the project is worth, and I learn about the budget. I don't want to know about the budget. I want to know the opportunity cost of not doing the project, what the potential upside is, and how it will put money in the decision maker's wallet. All of a sudden we're having a conversation about the project's value to the client instead of the price they want to pay me. Which number do you think is higher? Which would you rather receive?

In my practice, I encourage lawyers to consider how their clients value potential matters, whether a lawsuit, a deal, or a divorce, and talk to them about their exposure to risk and/or profit, and what other professionals will be part of the team. Doing so will assist you to leave less money on the table in 2015, and put more in your pocket.

What value are you creating this week? Are you getting paid appropriately for it?