I recently spent a few weekend afternoons stocking shelves and sweeping floors in the deli and bait shop where I worked as a young person. In addition to making a few bucks, I remembered how important it is for seasonal retailers to have as much of their inventory on the shelves as possible. The Jersey Shore has absolutely emptied since Labor Day and, if you haven't sold it, odds are you'll have it next spring.

As a professional, you may have skills on the shelf that don't make you any money right now. This week, I'm rewriting my website, taking the opportunity to expand the  services that I offer to professionals like you. I might not sell some of them for a while, but visitors now know that I counsel both non-profit boards on fundraising and boaters looking for a new ride in addition to my coaching practice.

What skills do you have that you're not selling this fall? Let's talk about marketing them this fall to your new and current customers.