After a day with friends at the Jersey Shore, I had a hankering for a slice of pizza and friends had recently recommended that I consider Nemo’s as a late night option. Sitting in the driveway, I googled “Nemo’s Avalon,” quickly found the website thanks to a smart SEO investment, and clicked “Menu.” I drove towards the pizzeria, figuring that the menu would load along the way. 1.3 miles and 5 minutes later, I parked out front and walked inside. The menu finally loaded as I was halfway through my first slice. The “menu” was the 4 page high-resolution .pdf file used to print the thousands of menus that they distribute each summer.

When I asked the owner about the menu’s challenges for mobile device users, he told me that his most effective marketing tool are the menus printed and distributed to families that rent homes on the island and that he would look into a mobile-accessible menu at some point. As a marketer, I’m sure that the bags of brochures given to renters are effective. But how many other pizza shops have their menus in the same bag? Local realtors routinely recognize the diminishing number of homes available for rent in Avalon, New Jersey. Targeting only renters eliminates the opportunity to create repeat customers among island homeowners and their families, who will eat Nemo’s pizza for summers to come. Finally, who doesn’t realize that nearly everyone has a smart phone? The owner, in fact, was holding one while we chatted.

As you’re evaluating your summer marketing plans, are you making the most of the marketplace from which you’d like to mine more customers? A smart SEO (search enginge optimization) investment for your website and making your website mobile friendly are great places to start. I'd love to introduce you to my friends at Huddle Up Consulting to learn more.

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