Among my favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald moments is when Daisy Buchanan admits to her friends in The Great Gatsby that, while she always watches for the longest day of the year, she always misses it. It's the perfect summer setting for a great American novel.

If you got outside at lunch today, you noticed that the sun was as close to overhead as you could ever recall. That's because today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year,  a result of the Earth's seasonal tilt towards our distant Sun. Over the next six months, the Earth will actually move closer to the Sun but the Earth's tilt will shift so that the Southern Hemisphere receives increasingly longer days. Soon enough, the sun will set around 5 PM, but let's not rush it.

The next 10 weeks are what most Americans consider summer, a season during which many professionals attempt to ease their dress code and office hours. As a sales professional, these 10 weeks are when I schedule lunches, coffees, and networking meetings with busy professionals who briefly exhale and make time in their calendars for colleagues like me. I catch up with old clients and gain referrals to new ones. These meetings fill the pipeline for my third and fourth quarter work, work for which I am very grateful. 

What are you doing to build a pipeline of work for the rest of your year? Let's talk via telephone or in person before the 4th of July to get you going in the right direction.