We all know that no one's life is as perfect as it is on Facebook. However, facing scores of old friends at my college reunion last weekend, I was unsure how a sober, single, childless CJ would fair in a room full of wine-fueled startup junkies and consultants married to investment bankers and law firm partners. So I decided to tell the truth.

When asked what I was doing with myself, I spoke to the impact that my brother, our colleagues, and I continue to create through Team I Hate Cancer. An amazing majority of the classmates were aware of our work via social media and wanted to learn more about it. I uncovered an entire network of biotech and medical professionals who are as excited about helping cancer survivors as we are, and I really look forward to staying in touch and collaborating with them.  

When given the opportunity to ask first, I asked about families, learning about the challenges of raising special needs kids, blending families, and the importance of grandparents as short notice babysitters. It made me thankful for all of the support that my family continues to provide to each other. 

By telling the story that you want to tell, you control the experience that follows. If you're having a tough week at the office, talk about your kids' little league team and gain the empathy of fellow parents. If you just scored two huge clients, talk about it and watch what happens with your practice as it continues to grow. 

What story are you telling this week?