The forward driver's side tire exploded when I hit the suburban pothole late on Friday night. Luckily, I limped into a nearby Wawa parking lot in which my local AAA flatbed driver replaced my blown tire with the spare. 

The next moring, I called Joe at Qyst Automotive, who used the information in his CRM to order me two Continental tires for delivery on Monday moning. With my car on the lift, a technician used a checklist to assess its bumper-to-bumber well-being, sharing his list with Joe, the shop manager. When he called to recommend 4 new tires AND rear brake rotors, I admittedly had sticker shock, but knew that my 2009 Volvo station wagon was in the best hands in the area as I made payment arrangements. I had not anticipated spending that much money but felt better that my car was in better shape than when I dropped it off because of the relationship that the Walshes have with the Qyst crew.

When you meet with a client, do you check-in with her about her business' needs and what other problems you can solve? Inevitably, someone's going to do that work for her and it might as well be you. I'm developing a checklist for my practice and would love to hear about yours!