I awoke last Thursday like most days, reaching to silence my smartphone-turned-alarm-clock. In the course of my morning routine, I began to review the emails that had arrived overnight. Buried among the headlines and hype machines was this email title:

Lottery: Not Selected For 2017 Blue Cross Broad Street Run 

My heart leapt out of my chest; I was released! I had registered for the Broad Street Run entry lottery as part of an agreement with my doctor to get back in my running sneakers, but I knew inside that I wouldn't be ready for a 10 mile run by my 38th birthday (just a few days before the race). In fact, I had been dreading my glacial pace from the moment that I clicked "submit." However, I'm now pounding the Pine Street pavement for the first time in almost a year, an activity that has me moving towards a race pace 5k (3+ miles) as a March milestone.

So I'll promise you two things:

1. My legendary Team I Hate Cancer high-five stop is BACK south of City Hall.

2. I'll run a 10 miler on the Radnor Trail (out and back twice) before July 4.

3. IF we find someone who'll run Broad Street for Team I Hate Cancer, we'll throw a post-race party for your effort and my birthday.

Rejection never felt so good.