On my way to the beach last night, I stopped at the Frank S. Farley service plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway for a latenight snack. I asked the clerk whether his day was just starting or was almost over. Ed said that he was done at 7 AM, and I then asked if he had trouble sleeping all day. He told me that he does 1,500 pushups every morning after work. 1,500! His physique suggested that he wasn't lying. He started doing sets of 10 over a year ago and can't wind down without them. Once he's done, he grabs a shower and some easy reading to cool off, which allows him to get his much-needed sleep during the daylight hours.

What little habit could you add to your day that could, one day, add up to something ridculous like 1,500 pushups? I'm brainstorming this weekend. Will you share your ideas with me?

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