Amidst Saturday's rain, my brother and I hosted another wildly successful tailgate at the Radnor Hunt Races. More than 50 friends gathered under our large tent to enjoy a day at the races and to celebrate the efforts of Team I Hate Cancer. In spite of the weather, we raised more than $9,000 for the cancer causes that we fund - LIVESTRONG, Movember, and the Flatwater Foundation. After 10 years of hating cancer, the most common question that we're asked is "Why do you do this?"

We do this because we're funding important work in the cancer community. Since 2006, generous friends have contributed more than $250,000 that funds LIVESTRONG's first-in-class free patient navigation services. The Movember Foundation is funding a multi-million dollar research grant at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital here in Philadelphiat that should soon cure 5-7 of the 35 variations of prostate cancer. We're proud to lead regional efforts for Movember and of the $35,000 that we've raised for them. Recently, we met with the Austin-based Flatwater Foundation to consider bringing its free mental health services for cancer patients to the City of Brotherly Love. 

We do this because it's personal. Too many friends, family members, colleagues, classmates, and loved ones have been touched by cancer. Fortunately, many of them are still with us. We carry the memory of those lost loved ones with us every day.

We do this because we've never known any other way. Our parents have been involved as long as we can remember, whether the 40 year commitment that our dad's fraternity has to the kids at St. Malachy's in North Philly or our mom's decade-long commitment to the Episcopal Academy Parents' Association. Episcopal's robust community service program allowed us to be privileged kids who gave back, a population who the current headmaster says is quickly dwindling. 

Finally, we do this because of the relationships that we've created and grown. Our fellow MoBros are better than family. Our fellow LIVESTRONG supporters are the best cancer haters we know. The Flatwater crew are the coolest guys and gals around. We're so lucky to have an international network of friends that are all paddling in the same direction. It because of these friends that the Walsh Brothers' effort became Team I Hate Cancer and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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