A young professionals' board on which I serve hosted a great networking event last night for the Bethesda Project, which serves more than 2,500 chronically homeless Philadelphians at 13 locations in Center City. I'd love to get you involved if you're interested.

2 stories from last night ...

I invited 4 targeted friends who are looking to get involved and to make a difference in Philadelphia. 2 came, asked awesome questions, met people, and were immediately hooked (and I got a ride home). The other 2 bailed independently yesterday afternoon via text after bemoaning their OK Cupid struggles and their Netflix and Chill social calendars. They missed out not only on the behind-the-scenes tour of Citizens Bank Park, but on a room of really interesting people that I never would have met otherwise. It reminded me of six specific times when I went somewhere outside of my comfort zone: three resulted in new jobs and the other three resulted in romantic relationships. Quod erat demonstrandum.

I was talking about cycling with a guy with dreadlocks. I asked him what brought him to the event, and he pointed to his girlfriend, a fellow board member. It reminded me of the challenges that I've had getting a significant other excited about the philanthropic things I do, and appreciated that he had the gumption to just show up.