Already this week, I've talked to a number of professionals who are focused on growing their practices. A common theme from each of them were the new business challenges created by consolidation in myriad industries. As a young account executive in the early 2000s, I listened to sales training compact discs produced by Jim Doyle, who described the situation as "more of us chasing less of them." Those words are still true, but they do not preclude you from obtaining new clients. I can assure you that I'm not the only business development coach in Philadelphia, just like you're not the only industry professional working in your area. But my focus on meeting and speaking with attorneys through my network keeps me relevant in an already crowded space. Similarly, you likely already have a niche and/or expertise in your practice that we could introduce and/or market to the remaining decision makers in your industry. These are some of my favorite professionals with whom to work. Are you one of them? Let's chat!