“It's that time of year everyone...Shark Week is coming! If you are interested in learning more about marketing and growing your business in this annual Discovery Channel event … reach out to me. I can help. 

My former Comcast Spotlight colleague, Jeff McSparran, recently posted this update on his LinkedIn profile. Over his 17 years in media sales, Jeff’s witnessed the explosion of viewing options consumers have, from broadcast TV to cable, from basic cable to 900 channels, and now we can watch TV on our phones and tablets.  Even with all of those options, Discovery Channel brings its “Shark Week” franchise back every August to the delight (and horror) of its viewers.

So what? It’s a week of sharks on TV.

Do accountants play golf during tax season? Can financial advisors relax during the last week of December? Do fireworks stores close on the 4th of July? No, because these are their peak seasons.

Jeff doesn’t have a peak season, so he created his own by communicating a time-sensitive opportunity to prospective and existing customers in a friendly and professional manner. I bet your business has similar opportunities in its annual cycle. Are you sharing them with your customers and prospects? Don’t be afraid to talk about your own Shark Week.