Philadelphia's melting today and I'm going to miss the snow.


I've met dozens of great people shoveling snow. Because Philadelphia requires property owners to clear their sidewalks within 6 hours after the last flake, we rush outside armed with shovels and rocksalt to avoid a citation and/or the liability of a slip & fall lawsuit.  Initially, the neighborhood scowled at untreated sidewalks, but we soon bonded over the incessant stream of snow. The 99 year old doctor usually has one of his kids staying with him, but the snow fouled their travel plans. The elderly landlords next door lost power in their suburban home while their Gen Y tenants complained about their slippery stoop. We all chipped in and shoveled beyond our own property lines, resulting in clear sidewalks.

But clear sidewalks create more than safe walking.  We created a much happier neighborhood. We made friends and met for drinks. We scheduled meetings and created opportunities. And we probably raised our property values in the eyes of prospective buyers.

All because we shoveled snow.  Who did you meet when you left your home or office this winter?