Where To Start?


Does Your Business Invest in these 4 Programs?

Your Website

Your website is your business' front door.  Does it explain what you do, why it matters and how a customer can buy it? We'll conduct a complimentary website review for your organization; just ask us.

Email Marketing.

You constantly check your email. Your customers do, too. Stay in touch by sharing content that matters to them, whether news, tips or special offers. Sign up for CJ's newsletter via our "Contact CJ" page.

Participate in at least 1 Social Media Channel.

Your social media fans already know and like your business. Social media interactions expose your business to your loyal customers' friends and followers, reaching a new audience and potential customers. Ask us which social media channel(s) work best for other businesses like yours.

Volunteer with 1 Non-Trade Organization.

Are you involved? Volunteering exposes you and your business to fellow decision makers, allows you to share your skills with new organizations and shows that you and your business care about your community. Let's talk about who's in your network and which organizations might best expose your business to new customers.