You have significant expertise.

Through your professional career, you've developed significant expertise in solving your clients' issues. Chances are that there is another company like your client that's facing similar issues right now. They should hire YOU to fix them.

Your network is better than you think.

High school. College. Graduate school. The people you met in class, in the library,  and in bars. They're all working as hard as you are right now, solving problems at their company or facing an issue about which they know very little with an uncomfortable deadline. You could help, whether through your own expertise or through an introduction to a colleague, former classmate or even a competitor. Chances are, they'll call you the next time they're stuck.  You're now a resource.

You have business Development goals.

We all make goals each year. Do you have the time to pursue them? Are you pursuing them at all? We can help. 

You're not too busy to grow your practice. trust me.

You'll work with CJ to identify which of your goals we can tackle first. We'll help you to reconnect with many of your busy contacts both individually and en masse. You'll have the right questions to learn what keeps them, their colleagues or their board of directors up at night. We'll improve your "elevator pitch" to highlight your expertise and to generate business opportunities for you. We'll make sure that your web bio and LinkedIn profile highlight your expertise. Either way, you'll develop new clients who see you as a resource, not a vendor. The best part? We'll repeat the process until you control your professional destiny.

For some clients, we'll considering starting a blog, creating an email newsletter (and a list), and/or improving relevant website content.

WE CAN HELP, Whether you want to make partner, make a professional move or just make more money.

During his seven-year stint at Drinker Biddle & Reath, CJ Walsh helped grow the annual revenue of the firm's insurance litigation practice from $8 million to $30 million, while more than doubling the practice's headcount. He curated several newsletters, circulated countless client alerts, developed webinars, produced and hosted three life insurance litigation conferences, built and maintained knowledge management systems, oversaw significant client social events and overhauled the practice's holiday card and gift distribution programs. He became the voice of the life insurance industry on Stranger-Originated Life Insurance (STOLI) programs and was widely considered a thought-leader on the subject. Widely considered a "go-to guy" by his colleagues, CJ's now helping professionals like you to grow your practice and to take control of your career's destiny.

To learn more, call / text CJ 484.437.8409 or email